Joshy’s House of Hope

Joshy’s House of Hope is a facility that allows Non-Profit groups such as Canary Gardens to facilitate Peer to Peer support groups for those who have lost a loved one, as well as groups such as Forget Me Not… – providing support to Survivors of Suicide Loss – as well as groups to open in the near future for Anxiety & Depression and LGBTQ support.

The house itself was built in 1907. Families have lived in and been sheltered by its walls for over a century. Now, it’s home to Joshy’s House of Hope: a place where hurting hearts can come to share their burdens and find comfort. The Joshy House is operated by Canary Garden – A Center for Grieving Families. Canary Garden is in its 15th year.

In addition to housing Canary Garden’s long-running program, other community programs are finding a safe place under the protecting roof of Joshy’s House of Hope. The House is inspired by a boy named Joshua. Joshy was an outgoing, loving 15-year-old boy with Down syndrome. He died after a 15-month battle with cancer. Joshy’s spirit of love and acceptance fills every program conducted in the House that bears his name.